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Manufacturing and Shipping:

Q: Who manufactures SoundScout Recorders?

A: Researchers at Teton Raptor Center assemble all SoundScout recorders. Teton Raptor Center is a nonprofit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming committed to advancing raptor conservation through research, education, and rehabilitation. All SoundScout sales benefit Teton Raptor Center's research programs.

Q: How long after I place an order will I receive my ARUs?

A: Order turnaround time depends on the time of year and your location. Please contact us to find out how quickly we can ship your order.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. Please contact us to determine if we can ship to your country.

ARU Specs:

Q: How much does each ARU weight?

A: 2.5 lbs with a one-week battery and 4 lbs with a two-week battery.

Q: Can SoundScout ARUs be programmed to start and stop recording?

A: SoundScout ARUs must be manually turned on and off. The low memory requirements (127 kb/s) allow the ARU to record continuously for 2-3 weeks (with the two-week battery), and the recording device labels the start time on each recording file. The recording device labels each file with a start time, so you can easily choose which files to analyze.

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