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Each SoundScout consists of three basic components in a rugged, waterproof case: two ultra-low noise floor microphones, a high quality Roland sound recorder, and a rechargeable battery. Each recorder weighs about 2.5 lbs with a small battery (4 lbs with a medium battery), making them easy to carry far into the backcounty.


The microphones sit inside the case for easy transport. When you arrive at the study site, remove the microphones from the case and plug them into the side of the SoundScout. The low noise floor of these microphones provides clear recordings of vocalizations as low as 100 hertz.

The Roland hand held sound recorder continuously records sound in either .mp3 or .wav formats. When you set the date and time on the recorder, each .mp3 file will be labeled with the start date and time of the recording.

We have two battery options for up to 3 weeks of continuous recording. These are durable and rechargeable lithium batteries.


Features and Specs

SoundScout Users

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